🛂Track Flights between Airports

With this API you can track flights between any two airports. You can track flights for the next 365 days.

API endpoint for this API is: https://api.flightapi.io/trackbyroute


Your API requests are authenticated using API keys. Any request that doesn't include an API key will return an error.

You can generate an API key from your Dashboard at any time.

Here is the list of default parameters you have to use with this API:


You have to send a GET request to https://api.flightapi.io/trackbyroute along with all the parameters.

Take a look at how you might call this API using various different coding languages.

curl "https://api.flightapi.io/trackbyroute/api_key?date=20230724&airport1=AMS&airport2=LIS"


The sample response of the API will look somewhat like this.

// Sample Response
          "Airline": "AeroMexico",
          "FlightNumber": "6552",
          "Status": "In Air",
          "Operated By": "KLM Royal Dutch Airlines1697",
          "DepartureTime": "9:08 PM, Apr 24",
          "ArrivalTime": "10:54 PM, Apr 24"
          "Airline": "Air Baltic Corp",
          "FlightNumber": "5296",
          "Status": "Arrived",
          "Operated By": "TAP Portugal673",
          "DepartureTime": "3:09 PM, Apr 24",
          "ArrivalTime": "4:59 PM, Apr 24"

It is just a sample API response. Some objects will have more attributes. A new array might also be there.

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